Sri Bichitrananda Paikaray, a teacher of the place opened one Sri Aurobindo Study Circle and that influenced the members of the village. All the members struggled hard and ardently aspired to have Sri Aurobindo’s Relics and their aspiration was fulfilled. About 14 thousand people participated in the Relics Installation ceremony.

Date of Installation23rd, December, 2003, 4PM
Installed BySri Chotte Narayan Sharma
Library Attached Yes
Garden Attached Yes
Integral School Attached to the PremisesofRC Yes
Hostel Attached to the School No
Timings of Public Darshan of RC 5AM TO 9 PM
Cost of ConstructionOne Lakhs
Number of Persons Visiting DailyOne Hundred Approx.
Planmade BySelf
Flooring Marbel Finish Yes
Daily Activities of the AshramWeekely Study circle, Daily Meditation, Celebration of Darshan Days, Student Camps, seminars etc.
The Message Inscribed on SamadhiNature shall live to manifest secret God, The Sprit shall take up the human play, This earthly life become the life divine. ---Sri Aurobindo