The Centre is managed by SRIMA Trust. The constant guidance of Babaji Maharaj and Prapatti helped the members to organise Sri Aurobindo Study Circles in this area and resulting in the installation of Sri Aurobindo’s Relics.

Name of SecretarySMT BASANTI JENA
Date of Installation9th December, 2003, 4PM
Installed BySri Chotte Narayan Sharma
Library Attached Yes
Garden Attached Yes
Integral School Attached to the PremisesofRC Yes
Hostel Attached to the School Yes
Timings of Public Darshan of RC6 AM TO 2 PM and 3 PM TO 9 PM
Cost of ConstructionApprox three lakhs
Number of Persons Visiting DailyOne hundred
Planmade By 
Flooring Marbel Finish Yes
Daily Activities of the AshramWeekly Study circles, Darshan days, Students camps etc
The Message Inscribed on SamadhiWhat Sri Aurobindo represents in world’s history is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.