The members of SRI AUROBINDO SAHITYA MANDIR, Vellora decided to have Sri Aurobindo’s Relics at their Centre and Babaji Maharaj and Sri Prapatti gave support to their feeligs. Sri Harekrushna Tripathy, Narahari Bhadra, Lalatendu Mohan Das and few other friends worked together for this great event.Sri Champaklalji visited the place on 11th February, 1983 and his visit became the source of great inspiration to all the members. Finally, the Relics was installed on 12th February,1999 in a gathering of nearly nine thousand people.

Date of Installation12th February, 1999, 2.20 PM
Installed ByProf. Chhotte Narayan Sharma
Library Attached Yes
Garden Attached Yes
Integral School Attached to the PremisesofRC Yes
Hostel Attached to the School No
Timings of Public Darshan of RC5 AM to 9 PM
Cost of ConstructionRs. 2,00000 (Two lakhs)
Number of Persons Visiting DailyWithin one hundred
Planmade BySelf
Flooring Marbel Finish Yes
Daily Activities of the AshramDaily Meditation in the morning and evening. Weekely Study Circles and other functions.
The Message Inscribed on Samadhi"When Sri Aurobindo left his body he said that he would not abandon us. And in truth.....He has always been with us, guiding and helping all those who are receptive and open to his influence. ........ The future is for those who have the soul of a hero. The stronger and more sincere our faith, the more powerful and effective will be the help received." --The Mother.