Name of SecretarySri R.C.Behera
Date of Installation18th April, 1984
Installed BySri Champaklalji
Library Attached Yes
Garden Attached Yes
Integral School Attached to the PremisesofRC Yes
Hostel Attached to the School No
AshramitesTwo only
Timings of Public Darshan of RC7 AM to 9 PM
Cost of ConstructionRs. 4,20,000 (APPX.FOUR LAKHS AND TWENTY THOUSANDS ONLY)
Number of Persons Visiting DailyAbout 50 persons daily
Planmade BySri B.K.Dash Engineering in chief and Dr.S.K.Jain
Flooring Marbel Finish Yes
Daily Activities of the AshramDaily Meditation,Weekely Study Circles, and other functions etc.
The Message Inscribed on SamadhiNA