What I have learnt from The Mother by Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya (Dada), Director Physical Education, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondichery

Mother was always telling us :
“I dwell in each one’s heart. Try to become conscious of that. I am telling each one of you, in your heart, all that I have to say. Try to listen to that. Become truly yourself. Then all the rest will follow.” I do not know how many of us have learnt it. But I believe this is what Mother had actually wanted us to learn.

26 April 1993

Collected Works of Sri Ramakrishna Das (Translations in English)

One of the key aids of Babaji Maharaj to spread the message and philosophy of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s in Orissa has been volumes of his writings in simple Oriya in the name of “Sri Aurobindo Loka Sahitya”. He wrote small booklets on various topics of interest to simplify the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to help the people of Orissa understand and appreciate it. He has also written articles in various different publications including, news letters, magazines, souvenirs etc. Apart from his writings in books and articles, there are innumerable number of letters to the devotees across Orissa responding to queries of various facets of life and challenges in the path of Integral Yoga. Many of his speeches during meetings and functions have also been archived.

On the occasion of his Birth Centenary, members of All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Committee resolved to pay their tribute to Babaji Maharaj by bringing out collections of his works, including Sri Aurobindo Loka Sahitya, articles, letters and speeches.

Many of the devotees have taken keen interest in translating these volumes into English as Babaji Maharaj’s works have always been in Oriya. We intend to publish these translations in series for the benefit of our readers.