Friends of Dalijoda

Welcome to Friends of Dalojoda who aspire to take a leap towards the Future and willing to act as per the call of The Mother – “The world is preparing for a big change and will you help?”

DALIJODA – a vast sketch of land extending from Tangi-Choudwar to Kalakala and further to Kapilash forest area. A beautiful hill renge with undulated topography and fertile land , water, vegetation, wild and domestic animals and simple but poor and uneducated mass of people , masority of whom are ST and SC . There are sporadic villages and mostly hamlets distributed over the area with poor road communication , no transportation , inadequate medical facilities , no much educational facilities, poor sanitation , no safe drinking water and non availability of other such amenities.

Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra- In the centre of this vast stretch of undeveloped area of Daliojoda the nuclecs is Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra. This place comprising of an area of about 250 acres of land which was forseen to be a destined divine land which has attracted and inspired the people of Orissa to join the spiritual movement and try for a new way of life- Integral Yoga for integral perfection and transformation above all barriers of life.

Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra is also a centre of research for future humanity evolving from mental to Supramental Truth Consciousness by the action of which the mortal human body can be transformed into a divine immortal body transcending the age old genetic way.

It undertakes all the activities of the normal human life in the rural perspective and offering oneself to the Supreme being in order to discover layer after layer ascending echelons of the hidden Higher Consciousness and simultaneously to integrate the downmost field of material existence and thus to pave the path for a glourious golden earth.

Location - Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra is 55 km from Bhubaneswar and 39 km from Cuttack. On NH-5 after 15 Km from Cuttack a road leads to Haripur(Tangi-Haripur Road) . On this road after village Safa with a left turn and covering about 3 Km the village Karanji comes which is the revenue village of Shreekshetra.

The land area of about 200 cares owned by Late Dr Khetramohan Ray of Cuttack has been transfer to a Trust which is registered under Trust Act with FCR. Subsquently some more area has been added and Shrekshetra has developed its activities since 1974.

At present agriculture farming, fruit orchards, nursery of fruits and flowers, dairy a, handicrafts and cottage Industry, trade and commerce have been developed.

The community dinning, health centre and Integral Education centre have also been established. Besides Relics centre that surrounds by a number of flower garden attracts people from all parts of the country and abroad for its beauty and serenity.

Friends of Dalijoda is not merely an association of persons to love to work for the integrated development Sri Aurobindo Shreekshetra and particularly for the activities of Sri Aurobindo University, but also it is a people’s movement for the greater and better future of mankind at large.

Friends of Dalijoda shall therefore work for the advent of a progressive universal harmony. Friends of Dalijoda shall always remember the call of The Mother on Auroville – the city of Dawn and The Mother’s message on the charter of Auroville. It shall act as a bridge between the seekers and sadhaks, Shreekshetra and rest of the world and shall support the present activities and expand to its possibilities.

Friends of Dalijoda shall also study, plan, execute and monitor further activities like education, health, sanitation , ecology and environment, socioeconomic, integrated farming system technology, commerce, industry and sustainable livelihood programmes.

Friends of Dalijoda shall move the people of the country and aboard to associate them in the movement of evolution of consciousness to go towards Supramental Transformation.

It shall raise funds- donations seek expertise, outsource the consultants of different fields of work to come together for development of Sri Aurobindo Shrrekshetra particularly for the activities of Sri Aurobindo University.

Friends of Dalijoda shall form a small monitoring executive group of friends who will look after the overall management of the activities. The funds raised by the Friends of Dalijoda shall be transformed to Sri Aurobindo Shrrekshetra Trust account for execution of work scheduled to be done for the development of Sri Aurobindo Shrrekshetra particularly for the activities of Sri Aurobindo University.

A development plan on different sectors shall be prepared with a specific budget as well as time span. The prioritization of the activities shall also be made for better execution.

At present, the contact office for Friends of Dalijoda shall be located at Matrubhaban, Cuttack.

We request you to register your details and consent to be a Friend of Dalijoda in the registration page.