Sri Aurobindo Kala Parishada

We have learnt from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother that in India, 'art' - visual or performing, are means to realise and manifest the Divine who is the supreme Artist - kalakara. Gods and goddesses are not devoid of art. Lord Shiva is famous for his Tandav Nritya and he holds the 'dambaru' – the rhythmic musical instrument in his hands. We have heard of Lord Krishna – the master flute player, Narada and Saraswati with the Veena and Vishwakarma, the ancient architect of heaven. Indeed Life can be beautiful by the artistic touch of the heaven.

Sri Aurobindo Kala Parishada is the name of a movement to create and raise art to a higher level of consciousness. Almost in every Sri Aurobindo Integral school the children are taught dance and music, and in some places instrumental music.

Sri Aurobindo Kala Parishada aspires to nurture the expression of the Highest form of Beauty through performing and visual arts through training and awareness programmes from school level with regular activities in camps and seminars. it also aspires to give dance form to the poems of Sri Aurobindo and music of The Mother.

A long way to go and Her Grace will certainly achieve Victory in the field of Art