Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group

Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group leads another stream of activities from the “Dasha Karmadhara” focusing on utilising Science, Engineering and Technology at the Mother’s service. Way back in nineties, a small group of engineers with a spontaneous and sincere aspiration in their hearts took the initiative to serve the Mother in a way they were good at, engineering and technology. The congregation met off and on during the years and contributed in whatever way possible from their busy work schedules. The group gradually got more and more organised and Mother’s work in terms of technical consultancies e.g. architectures, building construction, electrification, sanitation etc. were taken up.

With constant encouragement and support from Dada (Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya) the group’s purview was broadened and it was later christened as Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group (SAETG) to include one and all children of the Mother who had a technical bent of mind and wanted to contribute even in a small way to the technology in Mother’s work in Orissa. Thus the group members include engineers from various different streams (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Telecomm., Computer Science etc.), Architects, science teachers, technical educators/ instructors, technicians as well as study circle members without any technical degree but with a genuine technical bent of mind.

Around the year 2004, the group started a new initiative as part of the Dasha Karmadhara – to groom young scientists and technocrats in the schools, and Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada was born. Key objective of Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada is to encourage young student to view and learn Science with The Mother’s perspective and approach. SAETG took keen interest in forming the Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada in different Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centers across Orissa along with School management and Study Circle members.

Apart from consulting the centers and schools on their technical needs, the group also conducts educational seminars, workshops for the school children & study circle members on various technical topics of interest and relevance like Pollution control, Safety, Waste Management etc.

SAETG organises a state level annual conference of its group members focusing on key and relevant engineering and technical topics. The group also coordinates a state level annual conference and science exhibition of Sri Aurobindo Bigyana Parishada since year 2005.

What SAETG has been able to do so far as it’s contribution to The Mother’s work is negligible compared to what can be done, but by the Grace of the Sweet Mother the group rests faith in the certitude that with progress of time, new and clear avenues of service will come up and the group will stand up to the call.