Dasa Karmadhara

A great Luminous Consciousness is pressing down upon earth. Its aim is to take up all aspects of human life and recast it into  a new mould. Now all our activities are monitored by the intelligence will of the mind, vital impulses and bodily sensations. The question is, can we perform all our action perfectly on the base of a New Consciousness? To actualise this vision no part of life is to be rejected but transformed and raised to a different dimension. The Dasakarmadhara are the gates to enter into the very core of the New Consciousness.

Below is in brief the objective and mode of action of the Dasa Karmadhara.


  • Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra and Mahila Pathachakra : Make people aware of Sri Aurobindo's Ideology To organise seminars, conferences, to hold regular study groups
  • Sri Aurobindo Medical Association : Inculcate the consciousness of 'Total Health' of the human phemenon so as to prepare it for its ultimate Divine transformation. Integral Health Topics in Study Circle camps . Sri Aurobindo Health Squad training Programmes, and establishment of Integral Health Centres.
  • Army of Light : Prepare the students and youth for Mother's Work Prepare them from school career to have the clarity of the ideal and organise study circles, take responsibility of organisation activities.
  • Commerce Under Sri Aurobindo's Guidance (CUSAG-Orissa) : To take up commerce as an instrument for The Mother's work, based on Truth. Organising sales Centers of Sri Aurobindo Study Circles with proper management and skill training and manufacturing products of daily use.
  • Sri Aurobindo Legal Unit : Legal consultancy to Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Centres To have legal cells in every district constituting of advocates having admiration and concern for Sri Aurobindo's Work.
  • Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group : Need based Technology to Sri Aurobindo Study Circles Awareness through camps conferences.Training of Study circle members in technical skills
  • Sri Aurobindo Kalaparishada : Expression of the Highest form of Beauty through performing and visual arts . The training and awareness from school level with regular activities in camps and seminars.
  • Sri Aurobindp Sahitya parishada : Literary capability in the service of the Truth To start literary groups from school level, to hold quarterly and annual sessions for this purpose.
  • Sri Aurobindo Unit of Agriculture : Agriculture consultancy with guidance from The Mother to Sri Aurobindo Study Circles having cultivable land. Training camps, workshops and personal interactions.
  • Sri Aurobindo Educational Research Unit : Research activities on Integral Education with guidance from The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. To establish Research Cells on Integral Education in every district